Company History

QBR Sales was founded by Ron Spellins.  Formed in Houston, Texas on January 13th, 1984 as a division of HTR Distributors, Inc.  HTR Distributors, Inc. originally began as a distributor for various refrigeration lines including Hoshizaki Ice Machines, True Refrigeration and Electro-Freeze.  Within that time period, QBR Sales was formed as an ice distributor and ice delivery service.  The QBR name was created as an acronym for “Cuber Ice Sales”, hence the name QBR Sales.  Andy Spellins began working within the company at that time bagging and delivering ice at the age of 13.   In May 0f 1991, the distributorship was sold.

Ron Spellins then opened up QBR Sales as a full service ice machine sales and leasing company.  Starting as a one man show, Ron began running service and leasing ice machines out of the back of his black Toyota pick-up truck.  Andy worked on the weekends and during the summers helping Ron with installations and service.  Ron prided himself in doing same day installations.  “If you order today, you will get your machine today.”  The company slowly began to grow, requiring the hiring of service techs to help keep up with the leases, installations and ice machine services.  All the while, Ron continued to run service and do installations.

In October of 2002, Andy Spellins re-joined QBR as a full-time employee.  After graduating from Baylor University in May of 2000 with a degree in Management Information Systems, Andy worked in the telecom industry in Dallas, Texas as a software engineer for 2 1/2 years.  Coming back to QBR was always in the plans.  Andy began back to QBR doing installations, service and sales.  Ron Spellins retired in November of 2015.  His legacy of hard work ethic and business smarts still live on in second generation ownership through his son in Andy Spellins.  We are proud to be a family operation.

QBR has since grown into doing many things within the commercial refrigeration field.  Beginning as an ice delivery service, our specialty has since grown into commercial refrigeration.  Providing sales, service and leasing of commercial refrigeration equipment.  We are refrigeration specialists in the field of walk-in cooler/freezer installations and service.  Providing new construction as well as existing construction.  With are focus in refrigeration, Refrigeration was added to our name.  We now operate as QBR Refrigeration and QBR Sales.  Still offering same day service and delivery.

At QBR we believe that Quality Builds Relationships. We take great pride in our business and appreciate all of our customers and employees that continue to help make us better each day.  We maintain honesty and integrity in all of our business dealings.  It is our goal to provide 100% satisfaction to all of our customers 100% of the time.  Guaranteed. 

Choose QBR today for your commercial refrigeration equipment needs.

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