Request For Service

I authorize QBR / American Ice (QBR), an Independent Service provider, to perform on-site equipment service and/or do installation service on my behalf. I acknowledge that I am responsible for payment in full upon completion of work. No credit terms have been extended to me by QBR. I authorize and agree to pay a minimum 1st hourly rate of $175.00. I further agree to pay for service or diagnostic charges in the amount of $105.00 per hour after the first hour. In the event I choose not to allow QBR to complete the repair, I agree to pay for travel and diagnostic charges. I acknowledge that QBR does not provide free estimates and further agree to pay all charges. QBR will provide written estimates for repairs over $250.00. An express mechanics lien is hereby acknowledged to secure the amount of the trip charge repairs and/or diagnostic charges.


QBR will seek warranty reimbursement on behalf of the owner of the equipment from the equipment manufacturer. I acknowledge that all warranties are an agreement between the owner of the equipment and the manufacturer. If the manufacturer declines warranty payment to QBR, I accept responsibility for all charges by QBR for the service or installation work I have instructed QBR to perform. I understand and acknowledge that adjustments and water related problems are not covered under any manufacturer’s warranty.